Status of September 2020 ACCA DIPIFR exam

Jul 24, 2020by Eduyush Team

September 2020 ACCA DIPIFR exam

Here are some FAQ’s for the September 2020 DIPIFR exams

Which countries have been affected?

The DipIFR Exams have been canceled in the following countries, Armenia, Australia, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Ghana, Kuwait, Pakistan, South Africa, USA, and Uganda. 

Why have they been canceled?

Due to the COVID situation in these countries, ACCA is not going ahead with pen and paper-based exams. It needs to be noted that DIPIFR exams will be Computer Based (CBE) from Dec 20 only. Hence, there is no option to remote proctor the exams for Sep 2020.

What will be the changes in format for CBE and syllabus?

The format of the DIPIFR exam will remain the same. Instead of pen and paper, your tools will be MS word and MS excel. Students can practice the exams on ACCA’s specimen CBE link here

Syllabus – The Dec 2020 exams will be on the new syllabus, Read about it here.

When will the exams be held and is there a change in the exam booking process?

The DIPIFR exam for Dec 2020 will be held on December 11. Students will be directed to the Pearson VUE exam booking window to select their exams and center. Click here to see the step by step process

Where will the exams be held for December 2020?

As of now, the ACCA exams will be at a center. Click here to access the center list by city. If the COVID situation continues, we expect the exams to be remote proctored instead of the center. At the moment, students need to book their exams at the Center. 

I have paid my fees, can I utilize it for the December 2020 exam?

Yes, the fees which you paid can be utilized for the December 2020 exam. You should see a credit of the fees paid, post your September 2020 exam cancellation

Where can I get the latest study materials for the Dec 2020 syllabus?

Students who are registered with us can find the Google classroom updated with the latest syllabus. We are also a BPP authorized tuitions provider, students can take the ebook from our site here. The hard copies of the book are not available, as BPP has not printed the book as yet. Use code BPPLAUNCH at checkout to get an extra 5% off till July 31, 2020

Where can we practice CBE?

ACCA gives out one mock test on their site, which was listed above. BPP does offer the same in their online training course but they don't have one for the DIPIFR. Students can take the SBR (Strategic Business Reporting) course to learn IFRS and practice the CBE

 If you have any further questions on the same, please email them to

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