ACCA June 2020 DipIFR exam status

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ACCA June 2020 DipIFR exam status

DipIFR June exams to be held in September

  • Exam entry to begin on May 5 and end on July 27 
  • Last date to register for the Sep exam through us June 15
  • Syllabus of June 20 to be carried forward
  • Students who are writing the July exams i.e (Africa, China etc.)  will get their results on July 31 and they will be given a 10-day window to apply for the September exam as well so the date for their exams will be August 10
  • Exam to be held on Sep 11
  • Exams in Africa and China region to be held in July - read below
Students who want to apply for fresh registrations can now do so, they can contact us at if they need to apply through us. 

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Countries where exams have been moved to July

Exams for the following countries have been moved to July as a one-off arrangement 
  • Mainland China
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Macau SAR
  • Taiwan
  • Italy (Milan only)
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Various African countries (excluding Botswana, South Africa, Mauritius, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia)

Exams in UAE have been cancelled and they will move to September.

While the exact date of the exam has not yet been finalized, it will likely to be held between July 6 to July 11

If the student has a June exam booking for one of these areas, this booking will be internally transferred to July by ACCA. 

No changes or further payments are required to be made by students, but students should allow time for this change to be done. If the dates in July do not suit you, please cancel your exam booking by April 27 by going to your MyACCA


Update April 3, 2020 by ACCA on cancellation of June exams

This is an update on the ACCA June 2020 DipIFR.
 ACCA has taken a decision to cancel exams in June 2020 for a lot of the countries excepting in the below mentioned countries
  • Exams are to be held at the moment in China, Cameroon, Namibia, Hong Kong, Eritrea, Nigeria, Taiwan, Eswatini, Rwanda, Macau, Ethiopia, Seychelles, UAE, Gambia, Sierra, Leone, Vietnam, Ghana, Somalia, Japan, Kenya, Sudan, South Korea, Lesotho, Tanzania, United Republic of Mongolia, Liberia, Uganda Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia. This may change depending on the situation closer to the exams.
  • If any of you wish to write the exam in the above countries, you can  change your exam centre by going to the exam planner on your MyACCA by April 27 (exam deadline date)
  • You can view the country-wise status here 
  • ACCA has also put a list of FAQ's on their website , it's pretty exhaustive
  • Fees: Students will be credited for their cancelled exam, the credits for the fees will go to the students` my ACCA accounts. Students should re-enter for a future session using their Exam Planner.

We will notify when the next exam is to be held for the countries where exams have been cancelled. 

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