ACCA DIPIFR remote proctoring - student guide June 21 exams

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ACCA DIPIFR remote proctoring - student guide for Dec 21 exams

ACCA has decided to offer option of remote proctoring for the DIPIFR exams at selected countries for the Dec 21 exams.  Here's a list of resources and guidelines which students need to understand before they undertake the remote examStudents in impacted countries only to take remote exams.

About ACCA proctoring

As all ACCA exams are high stakes, ACCA chooses proctoring models which include the use of AI and human invigilation. Live invigilators  monitor students taking exams.

The student first logs into the exam and performs several checks, such as demonstrating the room is empty and there are no materials that could facilitate cheating. The exam software locks the student’s computer to ensure they cannot access any material during the exam and the student, and their exam screen are then monitored throughout the exam. The students must keep their webcam and microphone on for the duration.

 All exams are CBE now, you can read about the CBE more on our blog here

Remote process which students need to know

Booking your exams

  • There are two exams , students can choose either of the options as per convenience
    CBE_IFR_INT_OP_F2 – Starts from 11 AM to 3:15 PM or

    CBE_IFR_INT_OP_F3 - Starts from 3:30 PM to 7:15 PM

    Slots are available every 15 min
  • Deadline for Dec exam booking is Oct 31, we recommend do your booking by Oct 27. Exam bookings come in slots of 15 mins each. We recommend booking early to get your favourite slot

  • View a video to familiarise yourself with the ACCA remote proctoring PearsonVue system 

  • Read the Remote proctoring exam rules and regulations here 

On date of your remote exam

  • You will be required to sit in a quiet locked room with no interference and would be required to show your surroundings on webcam to the invigilator 
  • You need to have an uninterrupted internet and electricity connection during the exams session. Some students have used a UPS to ensure their exams go smoothly. Students in the past have had difficulties in completing the exams. Pls take an informed  decision on your connectivity of net and electricity before booking your exams.
  • Things you can place on your desk on the date of your Remote exams – refer here. You cant use rough sheets, so please start practicing using an online software or try the CBE mocks if you need to use rough area for practice.
  • View the step by step guide to start your remote session – click here
  • You are only permitted one 5 minute bathroom break from when you start the check-in process until the conclusion of the exam. You need to take prior permission of the live invigilator before you take the break. Some students reported they had to wait for 30 mins before they got permission. So please either plan in advance or restrict your water intake prior to the exam.
  • For a complete list of FAQ’s on ACCA remote exams, pls refer here

CBE Exams - view the following links to familiarise yourself with CBE exams



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